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What is Thinking Mug ?

Thinking Mug is a consulting firm that aims to provide SMEs and start-up's with business & marketing strategy and hands-on implementation support to help businesses move forward with confidence.

We don’t simply brand companies, or design marketing campaigns, we create innovative solutions to help businesses work at their full potential.

Our bespoke growth plans will put in place strategies that lead to commercial success.

We’ll conduct the research, develop the strategy, manage the marketing tools, schedule and budget, develop creative and execute everything for you.

We know how to make it happen.


Our Approach

Thinking Mug aims to provide its clients a marketing solution which would be designed specifically for their business or brand. Our 5 step approach helps us to arrive on a strategy that is best suited for your business.



We’ll review your goals,
see what’s worked and what hasn’t,
then determine our next steps.


Research & Strategy

To find your best prospects and reach their sweet spots, we’ll learn all about your company, category, competition, and customers. The 4 Cs for short. With that as our compass, we’ll come up with your positioning, message and contact strategies.


Planning & Infrastructure

Here’s where we convert strategies into real projects. And cast the best-fit resources from our team to build the perfect marketing infrastructure for your organization. You’ll also get your hands on a project plan that includes everything from timelines and schedules to a breakout of costs.



Blending one part logic with one part magic,
our Marketing Integrator, designers and copywriters will
create potent, strategically-driven creative work that will
make your brand resonate.


Measure and Reassess

We regularly review the marketing
activities with the results and make adjustments
as necessary. It’s the responsible
thing to do, after a




Marketing activity &




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